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The big question out there is not about making money with cryptocurrency trading robots but how to know which of these auto trading platforms are legit. It is okay to be wary because there are so many scam websites out there, however, I can confirm that there are also many other legit auto trading robots for cryptocurrency. My team and I have made it a part of our mission to find and reveal the best-automated cryptocurrency trading robots so more people can start making money from the cryptocurrency market.

We have been reviewing different cryptocurrency trading robots that work autonomously. What this means is that the investors only need to register and fund their accounts, the trading robots do all the work. And after each live trading session, the investors’ account is credited with the profit made during the trading session.

Our rating: Bitcoin Rush is not a scam
Visit the official Bitcoin Rush Website

It is now very easy to use cryptocurrency trading robots, and we will continue to review and test as many auto trading robots as we can to help our audience make better investment decisions.

The automated trading robots for cryptocurrency were introduced many years ago. Many of the first traders who used these automated trading robots when it first became popular are now millionaires. Yet, there are still countless opportunities to earn so much money because of the thriving cryptocurrency market.

We have noticed from the testimonials that many investors are earning as much as $1,500 every day. Imagine earning and saving that money, it will be amazing. We are hopeful that many people will join this train and break free financially.Bitcoin Rush Review

It is easy to use automated trading systems. All you need to do is register an account, fund it and start trading.

We expect better trading profits in the future because so many big brands are accepting cryptocurrency. The crypto market will become more valuable and investors will keep smiling and filling up their bank accounts. This is the time to join, start investing and make so much money without doing any work.

My team is made up of software engineers, business analysts, and cryptocurrency traders. We have reviewed the Bitcoin Rush, one of the best-automated trading robots in the market. This is our review report, we have tested all the features of Bitcoin Rush, and we are happy about this experience because it ended well. We are introducing another authentic auto trading robot that anyone can use to become financially free in a few days.

It is always a pleasure when we find a good and trusted the auto trading robot. What it means is that our time and effort to test the program was not wasted.

One of the significant things we noticed about the Bitcoin Rush is how fast the system works. It was so easy to create a new account and use the essential features.

Our rating: Bitcoin Rush is not a scam
Visit the official Bitcoin Rush Website

Is Bitcoin Rush legit? Yes!

We are convinced that everyone who uses Bitcoin Rush will earn a profit after every live trading session. That is how good the auto trading platform is, however, we confirmed that the Bitcoin Rush is legit, fully registered and all the licences to offer the automated trading services are valid.

Before we started testing all the features of the Bitcoin Rush, we did an accuracy test to know how efficient the system is, and the result was positive. We got a high win rate for the accuracy test, the score is 97%. This is impressive, going by the standards of an automated cryptocurrency trading robot.

What the accuracy test score signifies is that all the transactions done by the trading robots on Bitcoin Rush are potential money making opportunities. We know that the trading robots perform hundreds of transactions on behalf of users every day, that’s how so many people are becoming very rich with Bitcoin Rush.Bitcoin Rush success

Here’s a summary of our findings during this review;

  • Our accuracy test results for Bitcoin Rush revealed a high score of 97%.
  • Bitcoin rush is a fully registered brand and the auto trading platform is secure online.
  • Bitcoin Rush has a simple layout that makes it easy for anyone to create an account and start making money with the system.
  • We have added a direct link for people who want to create a Bitcoin Rush account, please click here to get started.


Bitcoin Rush is a smart, automated system that works with trading robots. Bitcoin Rush is used to leveraging the positive trends in the cryptocurrency market to earn a profit every day. The procedure is simple, a user funds the Bitcoin Rush account and activates a live trade. The trading robots find deals for cryptocurrencies on sale at a low price. The cryptocurrency is bought and held until the market price rises; it is then sold for a profit. The trading robots work with a sophisticated algorithm that enhances their capacity to scan the cryptocurrency market in seconds to detect the best deals.

We discovered that the owners of Bitcoin Rush have set the minimum deposit to get started at only $250; we think this is very fair; a low minimum deposit value gives more people an opportunity to earn with Bitcoin Rush because it is affordable.

Live Trading with Bitcoin Rush

The live trading feature on Bitcoin Rush is how the money is made. We did a careful analysis of how it works. The layout on Bitcoin Rush is so easy to understand. This is a good thing because beginners will have a pleasant experience on the platform.

Our tests also revealed that the auto trading process on Bitcoin Rush was based on market insights and big data from the cryptocurrency market. The trading robots have been programed with advanced tech to analyse and quickly decipher big data from the cryptocurrency market. It is a complex system that is full proof and reliable.

The fast transactions that can be done with the auto trading robot also make it easy to leverage the best deals in the cryptocurrency market. This is an advantage for all investors who decide to start using Bitcoin Rush.

The cryptocurrency market generates massive amounts of qualitative data. Analysing this data can take days; however, it is quickly done by the system. We observed how this works by using the demo feature on Bitcoin Rush. The demo feature made it possible to view how the trading robot works without staking real money.

Our attention was also drawn to the process of forecasting market trends in the cryptocurrency industry. Ordinarily, it will be very difficult to forecast the market trends because the crypto market is quite volatile. But the advanced algorithm on Bitcoin Rush revealed that it is possible to closely monitor the market trends and identify possible changes in the coming days or future.

We have been able to gather all this data from our experience with the Bitcoin Rush auto trading platform. Below, we have written about our experience while opening a new Bitcoin Rush account.Bitcoin Rush How it works

Registering a New Bitcoin Rush Account

This was a simple process, we were able to open a new Bitcoin Rush account in few minutes. The form was downloaded from the homepage. We were only required to enter information such as our preferred user name, the email address to be linked to our account, and phone number. Next, we were prompted to create a strong password to secure our new Bitcoin Rush account.

Making a Deposit

We took a few minutes to study the account management page from where we could make a deposit to fund our account. It was a combination of features that could be used to conveniently manage the users’ account. Also, we noticed that different payment options have been provided to make it easy for users who need to fund their Bitcoin Rush accounts. For this test, we planned to start our live trading experience with the lowest acceptable deposit on the platform which is $250. We funded our new Bitcoin Rush account with the MasterCard option. The process was quick, it is important that funds are quickly transferred to an account on the system because the market trends change very quickly, and users who do not have funds in their accounts can miss very good deals.

Our rating: Bitcoin Rush is not a scam
Visit the official Bitcoin Rush Website

Demo Feature

As mentioned earlier, we had an insightful experience while using the demo feature. We were able to watch how the trading robots functioned. The demo feature on Bitcoin Rush works very effectively. We always advise our readers and new investors to use the demo feature on the auto trading platform.

Live Trading Sessions with Bitcoin Rush

My team was happy when we discovered that the Bitcoin Rush auto trader permitted users to run consecutive live trading sessions. We can prepare and were ready to patiently observe how the trading robots on Bitcoin Rush work.

Before activating the live trading session, we set the stop-loss limit on our account, and with one click, we started our first live trading session with Bitcoin Rush. It was a smooth experience; we started when the cryptocurrency market was at its peak period, so there was a lot to observe.

Our live trading experience was excellent, we made a profit too. This was enough proof that the Bitcoin Rush trading robots were as good as they claimed online. My team was also impressed with the trading robot; the transactions were fast and accurate. After our live trading session, our funds and the profit was credited to our new Bitcoin Rush account.Bitcoin Rush benefits

Bitcoin Rush: Key Features


The payout system on Bitcoin Rush is fast and accurate; we had no issues with the funds and value credited to our Bitcoin Rush account after the live trading session.

Verification System

We observed that the verification system could not be side-lined. It is important because the verification system helps to prevent bots from accessing the auto trading platform and it checks all information to ensure they are accurate and users will not have any problems while making a withdrawal.

Withdrawal process

The Bitcoin Rush withdrawal process is fast and reliable, we tested it and discovered that withdrawals are processed and completed within 24-hours.

Service charges

After a live trading session, the auto trading platform deducts a percentage from the users’ profit as a service charge. My team noted that this is the only charge on the entire platform.

User Testimonials

The developers have added a section where users can write about their experiences with the auto trading robot. We studied the testimonials and realised that some investors are earning as much as $1,500 every day, with Bitcoin Rush.

Customer service

The customer service help desk is accessible 24/7, we tested this feature. The customer service is responsive and efficient. This is a good feature, considering that many beginners will sign up and have their first experience with a trading robot.


There is a team of professional brokers who monitor the trading activities on Bitcoin Rush. It is the job of brokers to ensure that only the most profitable trades are processed on behalf of the users.

Why we Recommend Bitcoin Rush

  • Bitcoin Rush is so easy to use – It is a simple and transparent auto trading system that can be used by anyone without going for a special training class.
  • High accuracy score – The accuracy score after our tests show that Bitcoin Rush can make its users very rich regardless of market volatility.
  • Positive feedback – So many investors have tested the system and are still using Bitcoin Rush; we observed this from the testimonials on the feedback page. So many people cannot be wrong, and we have had our share of a good experience with Bitcoin Rush.
  • Reliable withdrawal system – The withdrawal system on Bitcoin Rush is one of the best we have seen so far. Withdrawal requests are processed in 24-hours, and your bank account will be promptly credited.
  • 24/7 Customer service – The customer service platform can be used at any time of the day or night. This means that no user can ever be helpless while investing in Bitcoin Rush.Bitcoin Rush Opinions

Tips for Beginners

We have some helpful tips that beginners can use to get started the right way;

  • Invest the minimum deposit first – We advise beginners to start with the minimum deposit which is $250, this deposit will be doubled in a few days, considering how effective the auto trading system is, study the trading system and you can eventually increase your deposit later.
  • Study the cryptocurrency market– The cryptocurrency market is always a beehive of activities; it will be great if you gathered more information about the market while investing in it. You can get valuable information about the cryptocurrency market online and from the Bitcoin Rush website.
  • Save your profits – You should always withdraw and save the profit you make from trading cryptocurrency.
  • Discover the best time to trade – Some people prefer trading at the peak period of the cryptocurrency market. Others prefer the low traffic period, study the trends, and discover the best time to use the live trading feature on Bitcoin Rush.

Have Celebrities endorsed Bitcoin Rush?

We found so many claims that celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk, among many others have endorsed Bitcoin Rush and advised their audience to use the auto trading platform. There were also claims that these celebrities have invested in Bitcoin Rush, and that is why the auto trading platform is so successful.

My team went to work; we needed to confirm these claims before ending this Bitcoin Rush review. This is what we found out;

There is no evidence that any of the celebrities linked to Bitcoin Rush have endorsed the brand. We did not find any information on the Bitcoin Rush official site to back these claims. So we can conclude that they are not correct.

We did notice that many of these claims online featured links to affiliate websites. We realised that this was the work of affiliate marketers who are trying to drive traffic to their website using unethical methods.

Is Bitcoin Rush legit? Yes, 100%!

At the end of our review and after studying the test results for Bitcoin Rush, we can conclude that everything about Bitcoin Rush is legit. It is a trusted auto trading robot that can be used to make money from the cryptocurrency market without knowing anything about cryptocurrency trading. We tested all the features on the Bitcoin Rush platform. Everything works; also, we were able to withdraw our funds from the system without any problems. We can confirm that there are investors earning as much as $1,500 every day with Bitcoin Rush.

Our rating: Bitcoin Rush is not a scam
Visit the official Bitcoin Rush Website


Is Bitcoin Rush legit?

Yes, Bitcoin Rush is a legit auto trading robot for cryptocurrency, where money can be made and withdrawn to the users’ bank account without any delays.

How much profit can be earned with Bitcoin Rush?

We know about investors who make $1,500 with Bitcoin Rush every day, there are definitely others who make much more, so we say the earning potentials are limitless with Bitcoin Rush.

How much is required to pay for a Bitcoin Rush account?

It is free to open a new Bitcoin rush account, and there are no hidden charges in the system.

How reliable is the withdrawal process?

All users can withdraw their earnings from Bitcoin Rush after each live trading session and get the value in their linked bank accounts within 24-hours.

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