How do I know where to buy altcoin?

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When your interest is piqued in an altcoin you may want to invest in it. However, not all cryptocurrencies are available on all exchanges. CoinMarketCap will show you which exchanges offer the altcoin you are interested in.

Step 1: go to the website

Step 2: Search for the desired altcoin.

  • In the example below that is the altcoin WeTrust.

Step 3: Click on the Markets tab


  • You will also find a link to the Website and the Bitcointalk Forum Announcement (2) on this page.
  • .

Step 4: Click on an exchange to see the exchange’s website address.

  • When you have clicked on an exchange in the overview, a page will open showing the address of the exchange’s website.
  • This is where you will find the exchange’s website.
    Here you will also find an overview of all other cryptocurrencies available on this exchange.
  • This page will also be displayed.

Check out the CoinMarketCap FAQ here for the most frequently asked questions.