How do I stay up to date?

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New cryptocurrencies are added daily. Besides this, existing cryptocurrencies are continuously in development. To stay up-to-date I have placed a number of links below which I find useful myself. Use them to your advantage!

Coinmarketcap is a website where the market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies is monitored. For each crypto, every five minutes the current price, available stock, trade volume over the last 24 hours and market capitalisation is updated. In short, a source of information that can help you choose the right investments or make the right decisions.

A number of underlying pages I would like to mention separately, because they may be of extra interest to you as a crypto investor.

BitcoinTalk is one of the largest forums in the world for people interested in the technical details and development of Bitcoin and Altcoins. New Altcoins are also announced here. The forum also caters to people interested in bitcoin mining, bitcoin and Altcoins trading and all related matters.

A number of subforums which I would like to mention separately because they can be very interesting for you as a crypto investor. Cryptocurrencies – trade & price the Netherlands’ largest site for everything related to computers also has a separate section for knowledge exchange.

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