What is an airdrop?

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An airdrop is a growth strategy used to bring some new altcoins into circulation. Small numbers of the new altcoin are distributed for free within a limited time in order to draw attention to the new altcoin and create a community. This is a free investment which the team naturally hopes will encourage you to buy more in return for payment.

By participating in an airdrop you have a free investment in a new altcoin where the hope is that it will rise in value to actually profit from it. To participate in an airdrop you will need to install an altcoin wallet on your computer and then provide the address of the altcoin to the team. Due to the short duration of an airdrop you should be quick.

Here are three locations where you can keep an eye on the airdrops.

  1. AirdropAlert is a website with an overview of a number of upcoming, active and already expired aidrops.
  2. AirdropTastic is a Slack channel in which a number of active community members keep each other informed about airdrops.
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  4. You can also keep an eye on the topics in the Announcements (Altcoins) subforum on the BitcoinTalk forum for announcements about airdrops.

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