Where are new altcoins announced?

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Maybe you are looking for that new revolutionary altcoin and want to invest before the masses notice. However, you then also run the great risk that if the market does not accept the new altcoin the altcoin loses its value very quickly and therefore your deposit evaporates like snow in the sun. For those interested in staying on top of the market three locations you can look.

Three places to keep an eye out for new altcoins.

  1. The Announcements (Altcoins) subforum on the BitcoinTalk forum is where new altcoins are announced. For example, this is also where Vitalik Buterin posted the Ethereum announcement. Ethereum is the blockchain of one of the most popular altcoins called Ether.
  2. subforum Coin Home on the Bitcoin Garden Forum altcoins are also announced. However, Coin Home unfortunately also contains a lot of scams, the so-called scamcoins that are created to make a quick buck and then shut down. Read here what to look out for before investing in a new altcoin.

  3. Through the Recently Added page on Coinmarketcap a new altcoin will get even more exposure. To become visible on coinmarketcap the team of the new altcoin must first submit a request for this. This usually happens soon after the altcoin is announced on one of the above forums. Read here what Coinmarketcap is all about and what other pages are interesting to keep an eye on.

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